Yesterday I was chatting with Jerry Spinelli…

That’s right. You heard me. I was chatting with Jerry Spinelli. Me.

OK, we weren’t chatting exactly. We were emailing. And the exchange was only four emails. But it was Jerry Spinelli!

I still get geeked out by awesome authors and my proximity to them.

Basically, I emailed him to ask if he’d gotten a copy of the biography I’d written about him, and when he said no, I offered to call and harass my publisher to send him one, but only if he swore not to read it, at which point he told me that he only ever skimmed things that were written about him and that I shouldn’t worry because he figured I had to be a pretty good writer if a publisher hired me to write the book in the first place.

True, Jerry. True.

Sometimes reason from  strangers (and fantastic author strangers at that) reminds me not to be so insecure about my abilities.