Yesterday morning I was starting to feel better. I even got ambitious and decided to rake up the leaves in the backyard. Then sometime after lunch, both my son and I crashed. He seems to be doing better again this morning, but I still feel like someone pumelled me in a dark alley and left me lying on the concrete.

I need to get over this flu. It’s annoying.

It’s making me feel whiney about working freelance projects (because the requirements and restrictions are so aggravating) and about people asking me to come in to do author events without even considering that a) they might need to pay me for them. Do YOU do your job for free? No? Well then; and b) I can come in at their convenience. I do have a schedule, you know!

I’m not sure why  it is people think that because I work from home I have oodles of time at my disposal. Does anyone really believe that authors sit around twiddling their  thumbs all day long? I know I don’t! Most of the time my house is a mess because I’m working so much I barely have time to clean up after the two tornados I call children.

Aaargh. I know most of this is the germs talking, but I do have a point in there somewhere. If you want an author to come in and do something, be considerate of their time by asking them about their schedule, and offering to pay for their time and expertise. It’s the right thing to do.