This morning my husband and I were quietly sleeping when one tiny person climbed between us, and a little while later, a slightly bigger person climbed between, this one with a brown bunny in tow. We tangled together under the blankets and all struggled a little for space, but I am thankful for this.

I am also thankful that I managed to finish the introduction chapter for my Sharon Creech biography. This takes a lot of pressure off for my December 1 deadline.

I am thankful that I’m able to work from home, and even more thankful that the work I do is writing.

For tomorrow, I’m thankful not to be cooking. For the second year in a row, we’re having thanksgiving dinner catered. This makes my life so easy, you don’t even know.

I’m very excited for Christmas decorating tomorrow, and getting some time this weekend to finish up my robot. All that poor thing has right now are a pair of legs! At least it hasn’t gone walking off yet in frustration at its half-doneness. I haven’t forgotten you, robot!

I hope everyone is thankful for the many things they have in their lives, and I wish you all a very happy thanksgiving.

Feast on!