It’s December. Know what that means?


No, not that! I mean, yes it is, but that isn’t what I’m thinking about.


Yep. That one.

Now that Nano is over, a lot of people are jumping into Revision Land, where words get the guillotine and paragraphs stand in front of a firing squad. It’s brutal in Revision Land… ink splattered all over the white landscape… but I’m not there, at least not for my Nano-winning story (my heroine is STILL talking and I’m still taking notes as fast as my little fingers can move). I set aside December for doing research and revisions on the novel that my agent called “creepy” but in a good way. After five years, I wish I had a decent title for that darn thing. John Shaw Billings said, “first have something to say, second say it, third stop when you have said it, and finally give it an accurate title.” I’m not at the accurate title bit yet. The current one sucks hairy scary monster bits. If all else fails, I might have to resort to the original eleven-word beaut that I used when I was first making notes, which would be hard to fit on the cover of anything but a World Almanac.

Maybe Santa will bring me a great title for Christmas. It is December, after all.