The freelancer’s Christmas party

It’s important to celebrate the accomplishments of this year before setting goals for the next. Here’s how and why I’m doing it in ’09.

The Non-Fiction Department is finally over the trauma of having to write the Stephenie Meyer bio… I mean, GETTING TO… they got to write the Meyer bio… and they are very pleased with their recent coup of securing  an Al Gore bio for next year, and that the Sharon Creech bio got the green light last week. Alright guys, the chest bumps and high fives are getting noisy.

The Fiction Department is still sulky over the demise of novel #2. We’re going to have to coax them out with peppermint sticks and eggnog. Although our agent is very pleased with the draft of novel #3, and writing an entirely new story during NaNoWriMo was a huge accomplishment, Fiction isn’t hearing it. They’re taking out most of their frustrations on the Marketing Department, which hasn’t come up with a decent title for novel #3 yet.

Marketing is completely ignoring Fiction as they rethink our online strategy  for 2010. A little nog might get them out of meetings. Think they’ll make up with Fiction over their shared love of the nog? Stay tuned.

Research and Development is looking forward to getting into some creepy creature research for novel #3 and hoping they can trump Marketing by coming up with a title themselves. They’re also gearing up for Gore next year.

The Technical Writing Department is still neck-deep in freelance work, and will be happy to see anything but the computer screen for a few minutes.

As for the Legal and Tech Departments (my husband) and Creative Mischief (the kids)… they’re not around (but I’ll save them some treats).

So we’re playing Christmas Carols, drinking nog, eating peppermint sticks and opening the Secret Santa gift. I picked it out myself and I’m sure all the departments will agree that it’s super awesome.