2010 Writing Goal #4: Have Fun

Over the weekend my 7 year old wrote down a dream she had that involved an invading race of aliens, time shifts between planets, dinosaurs and making friends. She encouraged her 3 year old brother to write down his dream as well and when he said he couldn’t she told him, “Just have fun. What’s really important about writing is to just have fun.”

Sage advice from a 7 year old.

Writing is a business, and there are lots of things that demand a young writer’s attention like: the market, submission requirements, best ways to amp up manuscripts, social media marketing, billing, the number of authors getting far more readers and awards than us. And sure it can be really frustrating in a razorblade-to-wrist kind of way, but the reason  we all came to writing is that we really enjoy it and that enjoyment has to ring through our writing otherwise those 3, 7, and 17 year olds who are reading it will drop our books faster than a stalk of broccoli in a candy factory, if it even makes it past the scrutiny of agents and editors.

So remember that while you’re writing, the reader must feel the fun poring out of you… even if you weren’t actually having fun while you were writing it.

Tricky, huh?


2 thoughts on “2010 Writing Goal #4: Have Fun

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