Today is January 15th. Which means in exactly one month, my Sharon Creech manuscript is due to my editor. And in exactly one and a half months, the sample and outline are due for the Al Gore biography.

The Creech bio is crawling along. I am still only on chapter three. My research is impeccable so there’s enough material, but I haven’t been able to gather any steam yet. It doesn’t help that I keep going back to edit things that I’ve already written. I hope I find my stride soon.

I am yet to do any research on the Gore biography. The prospect of this is scarier. By this time I usually have most of the research done. There is the advantage that Gore is a VERY public figure, so there is going to be masses of information about his life that I can find easily. Of course the downside to that is that I will have to mine through it in a month and a half, while writing another biography and figuring out how to lay out his.

I’m not saying I can’t do it. I’m just saying the next six weeks are going to be really interesting.


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