Taking a yarn break from Al

Since I finished the outline yesterday, I decided I’d take a break from Al today. My daughter is still home from school,  which makes it tough to concentrate. I’ll try to get her occupied for a bit so I can work more on the novel. At 4am some new titles came drifting to me in my dreams. And I’ll do a little knitting!

I joined a charity knitting group last year and one of the projects was making warm things for a shelter that caters to LGBT teens. I never finished all the items, so  I started working on them again last night. I realize the winter is nearly over, but there’s a steady influx of teens coming in and out of the shelter, so I’m sure the items will be useful whenever I manage to get them there. I’d show you my progress, but my camera has disappeared. I’m 80% certain it will turn up in my son’s toys.


One thought on “Taking a yarn break from Al

  1. Panic Attack says:

    lol some of the remarks bloggers post are a bit spacey, from time to time i wonder whether these people really read through the pieces and posts before adding a comment or whether they simply skim the content title and write the first idea that pops inside their brain. anyway, it is actually helpful to read intelligent commentary every once in awhile in contrast to exactly the same, old opinion which i very often notice on the internet.

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