Love letters to Al

In case it’s a surprise to anyone, let me be clear: I voted for Al Gore in the 2000 election. I’m one of those liberals who spent the first 8 years of the new millenium grinding my teeth. I’m still a little pissed at Florida. I’m only recently cured after the ’08 political cage-match in which Barack “The Charmer” Obama took down John “Sound Economy” McCain.

This all comes into play because as I’m writing Al Gore’s biography, I find that I’m walking a tight line between strict fact, and the snarky side of me that keeps wanting to inject sarcastic remarks about those who continue to oppose him. (Why still? He’s not even a political candidate, for heaven’s sake!) The thing is, I’m not trying to write a book-length love letter to Al Gore. My job is to present facts, not opion, and if I do use opinion, I certainly can’t use my own.

All this to say that non-fiction writing has brought out all kinds of unexpected problems to solve. I certainly never thought non-fiction would inspire my emotions in this way, but here we are.