So I’m going to attribute the end-of-last-week grumpiness to exhaustion. I had been going at full steam for a while, and something was bound to snap. But then my husband came home from a week-long business trip with my birthday present in tow. It was a nook.

I’ve been coveting it for a while, but I begged him not to buy it, fearing the hefty price-tag. He got it anyway. It’s super duper cool. And I cannot put it down, which makes me a nookie? nook-o-phile? nookarian? Whatever I am, I’m not grouchy. That disappeared, poof! with one look at the fancy Alice in Wonderland cover he got to go with my lovely  nook. He’s a keeper, my husband. Not a good listener, but definitely a keeper.

So I’ve become one of those people who is going to bring about the book-pocalypse because I am using, and loving, an e-reader. I’ve already figured out how to borrow library books, and I’m looking forward to reading my manuscripts, as well as my kids’ stories on it. I feel that my nook (which I’ve named Alice, btw) will give the kids’ work much-deserved respect.

As for those who still believe that e-readers are the end of books as we know it, you’re right. But here’s some interesting commentary on the phenomenon.

As for me… this thing’s got me… hook, line and sinker.


2 thoughts on “Nookie

  1. Kathalina says:

    So I saw “Nookie” and “husband came home from a week long buisness trip” and my jaw dropped that you would blog about “that”, but you didn’t – oh what a missed opportunity!

  2. Tracey says:

    Ha ha ha! I did think the title was nice and tricky, but I didn’t think the “week-long business trip” would add to the play on words.

    What can I tell you, I like a pun.

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