It’s amazing how lax I can get about writing when I don’t have a pressing deadline. The Al Gore bio isn’t due for another month and a half, and while that’s close, it’s not close enough to whip me into a panic. Yet. For the last two days, I’ve been quite domestic. I”ve scrubbed, washed, mopped, laundered, dusted, wiped-down, aired-out, and organized pretty much everything in the house. I’ve even managed to finish my Alice in Wonderland puzzle, re-read Alice in Wonderland, and play a few video games. Meanwhile, the characters in my nearly done (?) manuscript have been twiddling their fingers in a we’re-patient-now-but-you-best-to-hurry-it-up sort of way. And the characters in my NaNoWriMo manuscript are doing an I-don’t-know-who-you-think-you-are-‘cuz-our-story-is-better-than-yours eye roll in the direction of the other manuscript.

So I better get back to work.

But first, I’ll wash my hair.


3 thoughts on “Procrastinating…

  1. Kathalina says:

    Too funny, I took the day off today too! Last couple of days, despite knowing where I wanted the story to go, I just couldn’t get the words out so I figured I needed a break!
    No house work for me though, thankfully there are some awesome games on TV to help with the procrastinating 🙂

  2. Tracey says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Dean.
    Kathalina, know what else eats up a lot of time, those games on your cell phone. Hours wasted!

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