When is this going to end?

People, I am losing my mind.

I am so sick of my current novel I’d like to burn it.

Editing is so FRUSTRATING!

I know that there is a good story hidden beneath all those typed-up words, and lingering in the crevices of white space. But where is it? Why can’t I coax it out?

Last summer I really thought I was done with this book. And then I re-read it and decided I could do more. And then I sent it to my agent and damned if she didn’t agree that there was still more work to be done.

And now I’m 1/2-way through the manuscript and I’ve written all over every page so much that my notes are nearly incomprehensible.

I am frustrated and fed-up.

There are writers who can produce a polished manuscript in a year. There are even those who complete manuscripts in a matter of weeks. I am completely jealous of those writers.


OK, fine.

I’ll go back to work.


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