The waiting’s the hardest part

You write a book. It takes you for-freaking-ever. You put it away for 6 months to get some perspective (that’s Gospel according to Steven King). You read it again, despair over how far it misses the mark, and begin editing.  The editing takes even longer than the writing. But, you finally get it done. So you send it off to someone… beta reader, agent, editor… and you wait.

It’s agony.

My manuscript went out to my beta readers at 5:57pm yesterday. By 11pm, I was beginning to panic.

How come nobody sent an email yet to say that they’ve started? Maybe they haven’t started yet. People do have busy lives. Or maybe the beginning sucks so much they don’t even know what to say. But maybe it’s fine and they’re just waiting to get to the end. Or maybe they read the first page, can’t believe they now have to break up with me as a friend because my writing is so horrendous, and they’re on the phone with each other conferring on how to break it to me gently.

Sweet fancy Moses!

How am I supposed to deal with this waiting nonsense?