The softer side of vikings

I like to pillage...softly

Do vikings have a softer side? If they wore knitted helmets like these, they might.

You can see the rivet detail on this one

My son wanted to see How to Train Your Dragon on his 4th birthday. (Sigh. He’s not a baby anymore.) So I decided to knit him a viking helmet so he could enjoy the movie in style. I was fortunate to find these two free knitting patterns. This one uses bulky yarn, and this one uses worsted (a lighter weight for you non-knitters). I decided to use the second weight because it was getting awfully warm last week. Anyway, the helmet was a giant hit. He even tried to sleep in it on Saturday night, which is entirely possible when your helmet’s soft and fuzzy, not like the metal and horn types that the real vikings wear.

I wonder if he dreamt of being a viking.