So… the nook…

I’ve had my nook now for over a month, enough time to fiddle with it a little. Not as much as I’d like to, but I’ve been working on a couple of projects that severely limit my pleasure-reading time.

I love that I can order books and have them available to me instantly. I love that I can read several books at once on one handy little machine. I love that it plays my music. I love the way it looks, and the page-turn is great. I love that I can add my own screensavers. Hello pix of kids!!!

What I don’t love is the note and highlight feature. Surely there is a less-clunky way to do this. When you want to put in a note, a little compass arrow thing appears, which does not work as smoothly as the typepad you use to annotate your highlight. It also seems to be really quirky as to exactly where the little cursor appears, and it won’t highlight backwards, as in, from right to left. And it seems you also can’t highlight across two screens (a little quirk I noticed over breakfast).

All that to say: the highlight/note feature is clunky and stupid.

I’m also nervous to leave it around the house, which I wouldn’t be if it was a regular book. This morning I forgot it in my daughter’s room when I woke her up, and got into a panic about what if someone accidentally stepped on it. Is it worth the anxiety?

Look, it’s a cool device and all, but right now I don’t see enough benefits to warrant the expense. But you won’t tell my husband that, will you? It was my birthday present.


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