I want Tim Gunn

I’m a Project Runway devotee. I love watching creative people do what they love and get an opportunity to get to the top. I wish there was something like that for writers, but writing really doesn’t translate to the screen. Imagine watching a writer write on t.v? Painful.

I’m also very envious of the designers on PR. I’d love to have a mentor like Tim Gunn. He’s fantastic. He’s critical without being mean and helpful wihtout getting in the way of the designers’ talent and personalities. He’s definitely better than the judges in helping the designers to hone their vision and push themselves, especially since Heidi Klum seems to do all the bullying… er… deciding on the show’s winner. Milla over Jay? Please!

Imagine having a writing coach like Tim Gunn who could push you to write a better novel while still allowing your talent and personality to shine. It would be fantastic, wouldn’t it?