10 signs you might suck as an author

1.  You compare yourself to Euripides

2.  You hold agents email servers hostage until one agrees to represent you (true story)

3.  You think the whole Dan Brown/Stephenie Meyer thing is luck… and total crap

4.  You show up at an author’s house and demand that they share their publishing contacts with you (it happened to me!)

5.  You tout the merits of your as-yet-to-be-written novel to anyone with ears

6.  You cannot name one single publishing house imprint that releases the kinds of books you write

7.  You haven’t read anything newly published in your genre

8.  You write your book thinking about how each scene will translate onto the silver screen, and edit it with that in mind

9.  You are unwilling to revise

10. You think your work is undefinable because nobody does what you do

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