Borrowing eBooks

On Saturday I downloaded my first ebook from the public library. And by I,  I mean my husband, who does all the technical heavy-lifting in my house. (I swear if he wasn’t around, I’d have the Geek Squad on permanent retainer for everything from downloading updates to unplugging cables. “It’s called an i-what? Here’s my credit card. Just do whatever you need to.”)

So here’s how it went: I ordered the book from my library. Then they sent me an email to let me know it was avaialble for download. I downloaded it to my laptop. Then I had to install a new adobe program and plug my nook into my laptop so I could drag and drop the library book into my nook folder. Well, that didn’t work so smoothly. It took a little wrangling at which time I (and this time I actually mean me) went to the help section (because what man ever asks for help?) and found out that my adobe registration and my nook have to have the same user name and password. Then (finally!) we were able to transfer The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind to my nook.


In a few days it disappears from my device… unless I e-renew it…if there is such a e-thing. Egad!

the good news is that next time I order a book, all I have to do is connect my nook, drag and drop. All the wrangling has been done. Which is good. I don’t wrangle with technology. Technology always beats me.

(Oh! An update to my nook post of last week: there was a recent update which now allows me to use my nook as a web browser, and it’s faster, AND has games, AND I CAN READ eBOOKS FOR FREE IF I’M SITTING IN ANY B&N! I’m a little excited. Just a touch.)


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