Chris Christie is a cowardly thief

Who's a bigger fool than me? You are, voter!

Yesterday I got an email from Chris Christie saying he got my email and appreciates that I am concerned about New Jersey libraries, and that he’s just a poor politician who is trying (oh so very hard!) to balance a budget that has long gone untamed. And then he had the balls to tell me that his cuts went across the board and that it hits everyone equally, that no particular service/group/instituion was targeted.

I suppose in his mind, that’s fair. It’s not. It’s just lazy.

Being in a position of power requires looking critically at everything and making decisions descriminately, not indiscriminately by hacking away at everyone and then screaming “hey, no fair! I screwed you all exactly the same!”

Trying to blame the previous administration (i.e. Democrats) for creating this problem in the first place. “I don’t want to have to do this, but I have to! Look at what I have to work with!” And then running away from reporters and students who want answers only reveals you for the spineless coward you really are.

Sorry Christie, going “waaaaah!” doesn’t cut it. You wanted this job. So do it. Your brand of sloth may be genius since there are so many people calling foul, nobody gets what they need. But it’s kind of like giving an eighteen year old, a six year old and an infant the same crappy allowance.

With his email Christie only wants to appear fair and even handed, without doing any of the actual work. But too bad for Christie, I can read and deduce at the same time! Something I suppose he’s hoping most of his constituents aren’t able to do, and won’t be able to do if his library and educational cuts go through. So thanks again, Gov for proving my point. You don’t govern. Or think critically. You’re not a good guy, or even a hard worker. You’re certainly not someone who cares about education. But the kids know what you are. You’re a coward who won’t deal with them fairly and a thief who is stealing their future.