Rule-breaking librarians and the abusive patron who loves them

I love librarians who break the rules. LOVE!

For one thing, the librarians at my local branch, Englewood, never shush me when I’m loud, which is always, mainly because they’re pretty loud themselves, which is AWESOME. In fact my children and I are so spoiled that I fear going to any other library lest they muzzle us and forcibly remove us from the premises. (This almost happened once in Bergenfield. Relax, guys!)

They will also hold books for me a little longer than normal because they know I’m going to come in to get them EVENTUALLY and I have small children who are probably preventing me from getting there in a timely manner.

But mostly I love rule-breaking librarians because sometimes they let me keep renewing borrowed books past the time limit because they know I’m doing research, but they only renew the books if they haven’t been requested by anyone else, which is completely fair.

This has come in very handy while writing this Gore bio because I’ve had a number of his books out for a while. Tomorrow, three of them are due, and since I’ve already had them out for so long, I would be pretty ballsy to ask for yet another extension. And since I got an extra month from my editor, I actually could return them and then check them out again. But as we all know I’m trying to complete it in the original due date.

Plus it would be SO INEFFICIENT to return the books because the libraries would have to send them back to their local branches (none of them are from Englewood) and then they’d have to send for them all over again when I re-request them. SUCH A WASTE! Really, library I’m thinking only of YOU when I say, just let me renew these one last time. I swear, I won’t need them again.


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