Paper book vs. eBook: the grudge match

Paper book: I’m going to claw your screen off!

eBook: I’m going to  rip out your pages!

Who’ll win?




I’m so easy to hold. I’m even easier to hold.
Don’t get me wet. That sucks. Don’t get me wet. That REALLY sucks.
I you fall asleep in the hammock and drop me, it’s ok. Don’t drop me, fool! Watch out!
I’m cool and a little geeky. I’m hella cool and HELLA geeky!
You can find me among great stacks of beautiful books at the store. You can order new books at home in your underwear and read them a minute later.
You can fix me with tape, easy peasy! Honey, tape is not a good look for me. Plus I probably am still not going to work right. I need a technician.
It’s handy to be able to flip back to that part you  read a few pages ago, but can’t remember what happened exactly. Um… yeah, clicking backwards takes a little while… um… why do you need to remember that part?
You can concentrate on one great book at a time… I have a library up in here. Read as much as you want
All those books are rather fetching lined up on your shelves. Conserve your space for shoes, honey. SHOES!
That cover really sums up what this book is about, doesn’t it? And the colors are great! The cover? That’s 100 screens back, in black and white! Forget the cover.
Isn’t it fun to read the blurbs at the back of the book? Do you really want someone else to tell you what to think about the book? You’ll have to click ahead to the back blurbs and risk spoiling some of the plot secrets. Don’t do it!
Why do you need to change the font? What’s wrong with one font? Who cares about the font? You can change my fonts if you want, honey. I can be whatever you like.
You can use a photo of your kids as a bookmark. You can have several photos of your kids as the screensaver!
You can easily see the sticky notes that you put on my pages for those parts that you really like. I have a highlight and note-taking feature. You can see them… if you… um… go to the right screen…?
I’m recyclable. I’m… er…going to be out-of-date soon…
I’m silent as a whisper. I play music. Holla!

So what do you think? Who kicks whose butt?


2 thoughts on “Paper book vs. eBook: the grudge match

  1. Darryl says:

    You had my coworkers on the floor laughing. “Honey, tape is not a good look for me…”. On of the guys spilled beer on his nook and dropped it in the process and cracked the plastic. Yep, tape sure isn’t a good look for a Nook, but it survived the beer bath.

  2. Tracey says:

    First of all, I’m going to say that it was probably the beer drinking that made him drop his nook, and not the laughing at my post… though this post IS hella funny.

    Duct tape comes in pretty colors now. Maybe you can make it work.

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