Read aloud

First of all, I have not seen the groundhog since Monday’s chase. Which is not to say it isn’t waiting for me to drop my guard and attack again. I’ve been walking around with a large umbrella just in case.

Second, I’m one chapter away from finishing the Gore bio. With any luck, that will happen today.

Katherine Paterson

Third, yesterday I downloaded the speeches of Katherine Paterson, author of BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA and current National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature. If you have any interest in children’s books at all I advise you to download and read the speeches immediately. I was only sorry I couldn’t put them permanently on my nook. Then again, I haven’t tried very hard yet.

One of the things Paterson talks about is the reader as listener. I read to my children all the time, and I always read aloud at school visits, but I wonder how many kids get to hear stories on a regular basis? Reading aloud gives words a completely different feel. It also helps a lot with comprehension. It’s easy to gloss over a word that you don’t know when you see it on a page, but when you hear someone read it, who does understand what it means, even if you don’t get the full meaning, some inkling of understanding is transferred. And anyway, isn’t it huge fun to listen to a story being read or told by a really good storyteller?

It is, isn’t it?

Now go read aloud to somebody.