A Farewell to Al

These are going back to the library today!

Today I am returning my stack of Al Gore biographies to the library. Do you know what that means? It means I have finished writing and editing the book! Hooray for me! I started working on it in February and I’m already done. It’s the speediest book I’ve ever written. And after yesterday’s re-reading, I can also tell you that it’s quite good despite the short time-frame (if I do say so myself).

Gore is my fifth biography and the first one I’ve done about someone other than a children’s book writer. I have to tell you guys, I like this biography-writing thing. It can be really frustraing at times, but it’s great learning so many things about a person and being able to tell your own story about them. I’m always curious what people think about the biographies if they ever see them. (But I’m not that curious, so if you don’t like it, don’t email me.)

I wonder if I can make a career writing these for trade…


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