Things I learned from the Idol finale


1) Keep the excitement moving along. The acts just kept on coming. So should the action in your novel.

2) Some oldies are really goodies. Think of the Bee Gees as classic plot devices. They’re classics for a reason. Use ’em.

3) Throw in some unexpected comforts. Say what you want about Janet and Paula, but it was nice to see them again, wasn’t it? Sometimes classic characters are comforting to readers because they know what to expect.

4) When crazy things happen they’re FABULOUS! That horrendous Dane Cook song being interrupted by an even more horrendous former contestant was the funniest thing of the night. When you find yourself going off in a surprising new direction, let it go. It might make for an awesome moment.

5) Don’t be afraid to say goodbye to a beloved character. I’ll miss Simon, but his leaving provided some really good material. Killing off characters, or having them leave for other reasons will bring out emotions in your characters and add depth.

6) Know when to leave the party. Simon’s right. When a story is done, it’s done. Walk away and get ready for the next chapter.

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