Not that my husband is impartial or anything, but after he finished reading my latest manuscript over the weekend, he stomped around in a pissy mood because “the experience” was over. He didn’t want to talk about the characters, or what happened. All he could say was how pissed he was that there wasn’t any more to read. He asked me if I was working on a sequel yet. I reminded him that this book had taken five years to get to this point, and that no, I had not started working on the sequel other than lining up research.

I take it as a good sign.

Although my husband is required by the rules of marriage to think that everything I write is pure gold, his reaction on finishing the book left me feeling really positive. Dare I say optimistic? No, not yet, I think. It’s one thing to read something and say that you like it. It’s quite another to read something and get pissed off that it’s over. That smacks of more personal investment into a story. After he was finished with it, he put the manuscript on a cheap eReader he bought from China and gave it to our daughter to read. It was nearly bedtime. She got up to chapter four, and an hour after lights out, she came into our room complaining about monsters in her closet. The monster in my book appears in chapter one and features heavily in the first three chapters. Not that I like scaring the bejeesus out of my children (although sometimes I do) but I take her reaction as a good sign too. Just so you know, she felt fine after a little back rub.

So right now, I’m waiting for my agent to read it and get back to me. She said she’d get to it this week. I wonder what her reaction is going to be.