I like to repeat, repeat myself

After finishing my manuscript, my husband was scrambling around for something to read. I suggested Lamb, which is a new “gospel” of Christ as written by “his best friend, Biff.” He downloaded a free sample, and by the end was hooked. Then he said he’d buy the eBook to finish read it.

Me: Why? Just get a copy from the library.

Him: They have an eBook copy?

Me: No. A regular one. That’s how I read it. It’s not a book you’ll read twice.

Him: Do you ever read books twice?

Now there are two things wrong with this discussion. 1) He was skeptical about getting a real live FREE book, because he could buy one for his Nook. I’m sure the folks at B&N are thrilled, but our bank account can’t sustain four voracious, constantly purchasing readers. That’s why we have a library (and one that I keep throwing my support behind to remain full-service). 2) His honestly puzzled query about me reading a book more than once. Doesn’t everyone read their favorite books a few times over? It’s one of the last throwbacks from childhood, getting into a familiar story again. I don’t do it with nonfiction, but I’ve read Miguel Street so many times, my copy has literally disintegrated. I can’t find that poor thing anywhere!

Here are a few others I’ve read repeatedly:
Animal Farm
The Alchemist
Harry Potter (all but the last one)
James and the Giant Peach
Charlotte’s Web
Romeo and Juliet
The Picture of Dorian Gray
A Wrinkle in Time

Now you have books that you’ve read more than once, haven’t you?


2 thoughts on “I like to repeat, repeat myself

  1. Karen says:

    All the time! I have a couple books I go back to a lot, but I’m definitely a re-reader:

    Pride and Prejudice (don’t I sound smart??)
    Harry Potter (all)
    Wrinkle in Time
    Time Traveler’s Wife
    Chronicles of Narnia (A LOT)
    All the John Green books I own

    This could end up being a very long list, so I’m just going to leave it at: My name is Karen, and I’m a re-reader.

  2. Tracey says:

    Having only recently read Pride and Prejudice, I can safely say that it is going on my re-read list as well. I feel like that’s a once-a-year-er.

    I’m going to re-read Narnia soon, but only because I plan to read it aloud to the kids. Well… at least the big one.

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