Dress the part

My Uncle Gregory died a happily wealthy man. He taught me a lot of things about life, but one of the most important was this: dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Write that one down, people. It’s a biggie. This was information I passed on to my husband when he was working as a computer technician. He’s now the CTO. He actually told me that this piece of advice advanced him greatly. I already knew that. He got 3 raises and promotions in the space of a year and a half after starting to dress the part.

Tank top and shorts? My office-mate, Rex, doesn't mind!

In my line of work, I don’t really have to dress up unless I’m speaking somewhere. It’s a fact my husband reminded me of a couple of days ago when I was agonizing over what top to wear. “Your co-workers aren’t going to care,” he said. But I do get dressed every morning as if other people are going to see me. In fact, I do run into fans at the most unexpected times. Granted, my office dress code is fairly lax (I can wear cutoffs) but I couldn’t motivate myself to work in sweats and pjs. Sweats and pjs are only for watching the WE network, and nobody should watch that tripe.

So what I’m saying is, dress like you care about what you’re doing. Dress like your fans will see you on the street when you head out to pick up the kids/get coffee/see real humans in their natural habitat (it happens). Because projecting the aura of a real-live author, is to be motivated to get your job done. And at the end of the day, whatever it is that helps you get those words on the page, is totally worth the effort.


2 thoughts on “Dress the part

  1. Karen says:

    This is TOTALLY true. In fact, I have passed on this piece of advice to someone, and they have been recently promoted.

    Also, where did you get those shorts?? I have been hunting for a pair just like them to wear to my very casual (but still want to look nice) office.

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