It’s been a while

View from Mt. St. Benedict, Trinidad

My oh my, it has been a while since I last posted, hasn’t it?

The summer quite got away from me. Well, not that I was in a daze or anything, but the kids had violin camp, and then soccer camp, and I was working on one freelance project, in-between which I took the kids to Trinidad, hung out for a week with family, came back to New Jersey, did a bunch of necessary repairs (mostly painting) on the house, finished up another freelance project, spent some alone time with my husband, started another freelance project, returned to Trinidad to pick up the kids, and flew through (around? over?) hurricane Earl to get back home.

Now we’re back and it feels like the summer lasted half a year.


Now that I’m back on the blog and it’s SEPTEMBER and all, I feel a little like I’m getting back to normal. So, I just wanted to tell you all that. And say that after Labor Day, I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled programming, with a few tweaks. It is fall after all, time for new stuff, right?