Deliver the goods

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered personalized pink pencils for my daughter. I also ordered personalized blue pencils for my son, because even though he doesn’t need pencils, I don’t want to hear any arguing over who got what and who didn’t. Anyway. They were ordered. And a week later, I checked on the company’s website to see where my order was. Word was they were in Jersey, but they hadn’t made it to the house yet. Two days later, I called the company and they said the same thing. They were somewhere in Jerz, but had not been delivered.

And then I got on a plane to Trinidad to pick up the kids.

When I got back, the pencils still had not been delivered, and school was about to start. I called, heard that they were still in Jerz, that they could re-order them for me, but I decided to wait one more day. Look, I was jet-lagged. It wasn’t my best judgement. The following day, with still no pencils, I had them re-order. I was told that they would be delivered by Friday, so that the kids would have them for the first day of school.

On Friday, there was no delivery.

Long story short, I won’t buy anything from Oriental Trading again. Because they didn’t deliver.

Let that be a lesson to you. Whether you’re a writer, a baker, the head of a tech company, or an obstetrician, your job is to deliver the goods. Otherwise, you’re out.

Alrighty, then. Back to work.


2 thoughts on “Deliver the goods

  1. Jenny says:

    Obstetrician… deliver the goods… ha… good one!

    My prediction is that the day after school begins you will receive more pencils than any one child will ever need.

    Should I expect one in my Christmas card this year?!

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