Failure teaches you everything

Success is great. Everyone wants it. It’s what we all strive for every time we go to work, or try something new, or hatch a plan. But how do you get to be successful? You generally have to learn a lot of stuff. Nobody starts out at the top (hardly anybody, anyway). And you learn by failing. Sometimes, by failing miserably. So miserably, that you want to lie in bed under your covers and not come out until the stink of your own unwashed body repulses you and…. where was I? Oh yeah. Failure teaches you stuff.

Because I started with success with the first novel I ever wrote being published, I didn’t have the advantage of learning from failure. As a result, when I was finished with that novel, I realized that I really didn’t know how to write a novel. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that my recent attempts have all failed.

But even that kind of failure (as depressing and self-esteem-chafing as it is) has taught me about writing.

Treat each failure like a lesson. Learn. Once you know what mistakes you’ve made, you’re not going to make them again, so  every time you’re closer to your goal.