So I’m minding my own business, writing my new story and out of the blue, the main character drops her drawers at a funeral. Immediately my fingers stop working. My brain goes all askew and my mommydar starts blaring a warning sound complete with flashing red lights.

What. The. Whoodingle?

I’m used to writing nice stories about lovely children who always obey their parents…. OK. I don’t write stories like that. But never in all my writing life, did I expect one of my characters to behave so unabashedly bad! I always thought that I’d keep the stories PG so that I wouldn’t be nervous for my children to read them.

Forget about my children! MY DAD READS ALL OF MY MANUSCRIPTS!

A character dropping trou in the name of some pre-marital action is sure to give my poor father a heart attack.

Now what do I do?

So while the mommy side of me is tapping one foot with both hands on her hips…

And the writer part of me is indignant as to why my fingers have suddenly halted, because they need them to finish this scene…

The reader part of me is popping some popcorn because SHE wants to see how this panty-dropping scene is going to end.

Stay tuned.