Kaiso competition! Oy!

Lord Kitchener, calypsonian (not a hint)

I was going to post this morning about what my new story’s about. But then I thought, that’s SO BORING! Why not have some FUN?

Hence, my very first BLOG COMPETITION!

Don’t furrow your little brows like that. It’s not going to be that hard. I’m even letting you cheat and cheat some more! Though if you’re a Trini you probably don’t need to.

My main character goes back and forth to Trinidad and has to deal with some family issues including something that is the title of an 80’s calypso. Your job is to guess the name of that 80’s calypso.

I will be giving hints all day long on Twitter and on my Facebook author page and in the comments section here.

The first person to  guess gets… DRUMROLL… to be a character in my  novel with their full name. Even if your name is Buttfur McGlorypants, I will make you a character and put you in the book. Swear.

I know what you’re thinking: You are a no-name author. Who cares if I get put into your novel? It’s probably never even going to get published anyway!

To that, I say: I am totally a named author. My name is Tracey Baptiste, thank you very much. And this novel is going to be awesome! And when it gets published, you’re going to be pissed that your name isn’t in it! And since I’m not a HUGE POPULAR BESTSELLING MACHINE yet, the odds of you entering and getting your name in the novel is REALLY, REALLY good and you’re totally going to KICK YOURSELF for not trying.

So there.

Now. Name that 80’s kaiso.


I’m a little sad that no one has guessed anything yet. But maybe I’ve made this too hard. Here’s a huge hint. The calypso was sung by Crazy.


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