Suck me, soucouyant

If you saw yesterday’s competition, you already know that my current story involves my main character getting into a little trouble with a soucouyant.

So what’s a soucouyant  you ask? A soucouyant (pronounced SOO-koo-yah) is a Trinidadian vampire. The “experts” believe that French settlers on the island brought vampire lore, and it mingled with the lore of African slaves, but if you grew up in Trinidad and you ever got a mosquito bite, or woke up with black-and-blue marks on your body, you’re pretty certain that lore has nothing to do with it, but that wrinkly lady who lives in that old house by herself probably does.

Here’s the difference between a soucouyant and the more familiar vampire.



An old woman

Male or female, young or old

Can go out during the day

Daylight will kill them

Sheds her skin and turns into a ball of fire

Turns into a large bat, or mist

Can exchange skin with the dead

Looks the same for eternity

Will always stop to count spilled rice

Will always stop to count spilled rice

Can be destroyed if you rub salt in her skin (if you can find where she hid it)

Can be destroyed by holy water, crosses, and sunlight

Will suck you dry from any part of your body

Goes for the jugular

Can read your mind

Can hypnotize you

With that, I leave you to return to my novel, where the soucouyant hasn’t actually caused any trouble yet. Maybe she will today. Who knows with these creatures. But for your toe-tapping pleasure, I leave you once again with Crazy’s 1985 Road March: Suck me, Soucouyant, about a guy who is only too happy to get a visit from the fire-ball vamp.

And congratulations again to Natasha for guessing correctly yesterday.

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6 thoughts on “Suck me, soucouyant

  1. Natasha C says:

    Interesting that you will be writing about a soucouyant considering your feelings on that wildly popular vampire series for teens.

  2. Tracey says:

    According to the “world’s strangest” link, a soucouyant is formed when she makes a deal with the devil. I’ve recently found some other information that puts her in the same class as Jumbies. But I don’t know if that’s different from making a deal with the devil, or if after she makes her deal with the devil then she also becomes a jumbie.

    Thanks for the link!

  3. lightningpen says:

    Hi, you have a tremendous blog here! It truly is fascinating! I think the soucouyant is a spectacular creation, I love it! When the geyser of inspiration bursts, the missing dreams ring true! Thank you for the follow! Nice to meet you!

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