Zen and the art of writer sanity

Hi. I’m Tracey.

I worry about lots of things.


Is the book that I’m writing really as good as I think it is?

Why hasn’t that editor gotten back to my agent about my middle grade novel yet?

Doesn’t she like it?

How is my picture book manuscript going to fare out in the world?

Where is all the freelance work?

Did I somehow upset Sharon Creech when I said I was writing her bio? Because she unfollowed me on Twitter.

How come I don’t have more Twitter followers?

Or Facebook fans?

Will I ever make money at this job?

I worry.

Don’t you?

I think I’ve been spending so much time immersed in the publishing industry that my perspective is completely skewed. Sometimes you need to get out and do something else. I hear that’s called balance. Usually I knit. Or I used to. I haven’t in months. Or I do yoga. Which I also haven’t done in months. So today I’m going to do both. And then maybe I’ll write. Or maybe I’ll tweet. Or maybe I’ll post something to Facebook. And then I’m going to read some more of Franzen’s FREEDOM.

They all seem like sanity-inducing activities, don’t they?


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