5 steps to NaNoWriMo success

1. Have a plan.

I plan on either a) writing a sequel to a story that’s out on submission now, b) writing five 10,000 word short stories, or c) skipping the whole thing altogether because it’s making my head hurt.

2. Carve out a schedule.

Not planning to write, is basically planning to fail. I’m lucky in that I don’t have any work coming in right now. (Or is that unlucky?) You need to figure out what you’re NOT going to do this month in order to get in that writing time.

3. Delete distractions.

Things like the internet, your phone ringing, your children asking you what’s for dinner. All of these things are going to get in the way of meeting the 50,000 word mark. So shut down the internet, smash your phone with a hammer, and teach the children how to microwave their own mac and cheese. It’s only a month. They’ll live.

4. Throw in curveballs.

You’re going to get stuck at some point. Probably on the first day. So throw in some unexpected stuff. Like adding alien zombies with guns. Or something really nutty. But you get the idea.

5. Reward yourself.

Writing is lonely, hungry, mind-scrambling work. Make time to do something  fun for yourself, like knitting, or binging on chocolate chip cookies, or having drinks with friends, or throwing your laptop out the window. You’ll feel better afterwards. Trust me.


3 thoughts on “5 steps to NaNoWriMo success

  1. amanda says:

    All excellent advice! Part of my prep work involved deactivating my Facebook account yesterday, and showing my children the contents of our pantry 😉

    Best of luck to you~

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