Finger twitchin’ good

Congratulations! If you love reading books, writing books, and technology that makes those things easier, today is a very good day. Scrivener announced that they’re coming out with a PC version starting early next year. Scrivener is an authoring tool that helps you organize your writing with note features, a storyboard, images, anything you might have on your desk as you do your writing. Manage each character, story arc, scene, setting, you name it. I did a bitchy little blog post about it a year ago where I bashed Scrivener for being solely for Macs. The creator was nice enough to overlook my foot-stomping and reply to the post saying that he wished he was able to make a PC version. And now he has. You can download the Beta version right now and try it out. And if you’re participating in NaNoWriMo, there’s even more incentive to win, because winners will get a 50% off coupon to buy the full version when it’s finally launched. Thank you, Keith! You’re like my second favorite person ever. Know who my first favorite is? The guy who created the Nook Color.

Nook Color

Holy. Crap.

My poor black and white Nook has crawled into a corner and hid itself knowing that it’s days are numbered. The Nook Color launches November 19, just in time for Santa to jam that baby into my stocking. This device “isn’t a leap forward, it’s a triple axel,” said one reviewer. Heck yeah. It’s a touch screen, with landscape view, highlight, copy and paste, the ability to post to Facebook, Google and Twitter, games, radio, special video extras, and moving illustrations on kids’ picture books.

Basically, it’s bookgasm.

The thing that I love most about this thing is how B&N got down with the sneakity sneak! There was a little talk late last week about a possible color Nook coming out at some point in the fuzzy future, and then BAM! A full-on launch Tuesday. Sorry Kindle. Maybe you’ll get a double kiss from Heidi Klum on your way out.

All this good tech is making my fingers twitchy!


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