Balance (with yarn)

Because I’ve been so stressed out of late about my writing life, I took a little time to make some kid-sized mitts for my two lovelies over the past week. Here they are modeling my latest creations.

The color is a little off, but you get the idea. Maybe I’ll take a new picture later. In daylight. I used Lion Brand cotton ease in purple and blue and knit them in the round to avoid seaming afterwards.

My daughter particularly likes hers and has been wearing them to bed, which leads me to think I need to make her a 2nd pair, and maybe a 3rd. My son only wanted a pair because his sister had a pair, and he’s not to be left out. I also started a pair for myself in the terra-cotta color.

I didn’t use a pattern, but if you’re interested in making these, I can give you a quick run-down. Just let me know in the comments.