Nanowrimo ’10 Day 3: Keep the momentum


As the days go by, you may find yourself getting more and more sluggish with your writing. A good method for keeping up the momentum is going back to the previous day’s work (or several days) and re-reading it. It’s another method I’ve picked up from the immortal Hemingway. This may put you in dangerous territory. Your inner editor might switch on during a re-read, so you have to be careful. As a fellow NaNoWriMo-er wrote yesterday, it’s not NaNoRewriMo. You don’t have time to re-write.

I don’t suggest smothering your inner editor. You’ll need her/him later, and it’s not good to squash your own instincts. What I suggest, is you make a few notes of the things you want to take a closer look at, or change later. The operative word being later. This way you satisfy the editor but don’t get bogged down in a wholesale edit at this early stage.

As soon as you finish the re-read, get going on meeting the day’s word count.

PART 2 (in which I get geeked out over physics)

In physics, momentum (p) depends on mass (m) and velocity (v). So the formula for momentum is this: \mathbf{p}= m \mathbf{v}\,\!. And if you’re still reading this, here’s an illustration of Newton’s apple in Einstein’s elevator showing the relative perception of momentum for persons A and B. Courtesy Wikipedia.


2 thoughts on “Nanowrimo ’10 Day 3: Keep the momentum

  1. amanda says:

    I’ve never been one to get geeked out over physics, but I’m with you 😉

    I’m an insufferable self-editor, so it has been hard to keep up the momentum. But, so far, so good…

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