Nanowrimo Day 12: Research! (or wasting time)

I wasn’t planning to do another NaNoWriMo post this week, but this is going to be a good ‘un!

It’s week two, so you’re probably  sick of your novel right now. It’s not fun anymore and you’re not sure what in the heck you were thinking when you first conceived of it. You’re also not really sure what it’s about.

So it’s a perfect time to go find some things on the internet that relate to your book. That’s called research, and it’s an awesome time-waster… er… inspiration/information-finder.

For example. My WIP features many Caribbean folklore creatures, like soucouyants and douennes, and Mama D’Leau, who is like a mermaid only her bottom half is anaconda, not fish, and her top half, while female, ain’t pretty. Like. At all.

So, I found these images of a fossilized mermaid. It’s so creepy and gross and I love it. Totally what I need to keep in mind as I write about the  mermaid hunter in the book. This is precisely the sort of image he’d carry around in a journal.

Then I found these pictures of work by a sculptor who puts his art under water. One of the pictures is of a group of people sculptures beneath the sea in Grenada. They’re creepy and gorgeous and perfect. So perfect in fact, that I mocked up a cover using one of the images.

Hey, if this thing ever gets published, I’m going to ask my editor if they can contact this guy for his images.

And now I’m inspired to get back to work with a few images to keep me on track. Only… I’m not sure I’m satisfied with the font I chose for my mock cover… hmmmm.


4 thoughts on “Nanowrimo Day 12: Research! (or wasting time)

  1. amanda says:

    Oh my goodness, that fossilized mermaid will now haunt my nightmares!

    I agree, though, that this is a good time for a little bit of a NaNo stretch, and a dose of inspiration.

    Hope your writing continues to go well~

  2. Camille says:

    Love the underwater sculptures from Grenada (my true home lol)
    BTW never heard of LaDeau, any relation to Ladia bless? (Never mind my spelling)

  3. Tracey says:

    Hi Camille,
    La Diabless appears at night, as a beautiful woman with a hat pulled low over her face and a long dress that covers her feet and hides the fact that one of her feet is a cow’s hoof, and she lures men to the woods at night and dispatches of them… somehow. Mama D’Leau is half woman, half anaconda and lives in the water (d’leau is French for “of the water”). She is the consort of Papa Bois (another woodland spirit).

    So they’re similar in that they’re both spirits or jumbies, and they’re both women, but the similarities end there.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. If you have any more questions about Caribbean jumbies, let me know. I’m reading up a lot about them as they feature heavily in the books I’m writing now.

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