Stress-relief: circle scarf and hand-warmers

Waiting for word on two manuscripts is stressful.

Writing a novel is stressful.

Participating in NaNoWriMo (with an entirely different novel) is stressful.

Not having any freelance work and knowing there’s none in the foreseeable future is really stressful.

And when I’m stressed, I knit.

So hello circle scarf! I knit it flat, then sewed the ends together to make a tube, then I sewed the ends together again to make a circle. You can wear it long like in the picture above…

…or you can double it up for something more cozy. I also sewed beads all over it so it’s a bit sparkly. But it doesn’t show in the pictures.

And then there are these lovely hand-warmers. It’s like the ones I made for the kids. Same yarn, too. They were knit in the round and for the thumb holes, I knit back and forth for a few rows and then re-joined the yarn to finish.

They’re just the things to make a stressed-out writer feel comforted.