Nanowrimo Day 22: Get a move on

I was going to do a Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows Part 1 post today, and then I realized that Thanksgiving is in four days. So instead, I’m doing a hurry-up-and-get-some-writing-done post because I need to get a word count jump before I head into the inevitable food coma, and decorating-fest that usually comprises my Thanksgiving weekend.

And I suggest that you do as well.

This is the time to push yourself past what you’ve already been doing. The good news is, now that you’re coming to the end, your options have considerably narrowed. There are so many possibilities at the beginning, but at the end, there are only a few things your character can do to get that redemption, or foil that villain, or beat that opponent with mere seconds to spare.

This is the most exciting part of the book when the plot moves along at warp speed as everything comes to a head. If you’ve done your job, many things are hanging in the balance and all you have to do is weave their solutions into the Exciting! Earth-shattering! Stupendous! conclusion.

It’s the most exciting part of the book. So it should be the most exciting to write.

Which means you should be able to get it done quickly, right?



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