Best gifts for writers

It’s officially Christmas season 2010 and you’re probably looking for a gift for the writer in your life. Here are some choices from most expensive to least.

1. Apple iPad
Whether you’re a PC or a Mac, this is the tool to have. My husband (a PC) complains about the print capabilities and slow browsing, but most iPad owners get past that super fast. This piece of tech is quickly moving from I want it to I need it status.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab

Think iPad with android in a 7″ format. More portable, and more versatile. Whether it’s as cool or less cool than the iPad is for your recipient to decide. I say it’s cooler, which is why this one tops my wish list.

3. Nook color

It’s the mack-daddy of eReaders. Color, animation, video, games, web browser, and the ability to post to social media all in one swanky-looking device. As far as I’m concerned it’s the next best thing to the Galaxy Tab.

4. Waterman pen
A fine writer deserves a fine writing instrument. And pens don’t come any finer than these. If you’re used to getting your pens in a box of 12, beware. Sticker shock ahead.

5. Nook /Kindle
If you’re a grownup you probably don’t need a color display for your books. And the Nook and Kindle both give you an excellent eReading experience in black and white. Kindle seems to be the better seller of the two, but the Nook’s prettier.

6. Postertext
The entire text of their favorite novel as a poster. Come on. That’s cool.

7. Laptop sleeve
If your writer sometimes works outside of the office, say the local coffee house or the library, s/he’ll need to protect the ol’ laptop in style. The neoprene sleeve is even airport friendly, meaning the laptop can stay in the case while your writer friend goes shoeless.

8. Fingerless mittens
If your writer gets chilly hands, these are a must for maintaining warmth while still keeping a firm grip on that pen/pencil/keyboard. You can make ’em yourself, or buy a pair.

9. Writer mouse mug
Nothing keeps a writer going like a nice hot cup of tea. Or coffee. Or cocoa. Or rum. And all of these require a good mug.

10. Personalized pencils
I know I said I’d never endorse Oriental Trading after the delivery-debacle last September, but the personalized pencils are pretty cute. And the price is right. Stocking stuffer!