The eBook round-up

I read a blog post this morning about the 100 best tech out this year. Google and Apple top the list with Android products and iPad. The 3rd generation Kindle was in the top 5. (Nook didn’t make the list.)  Now Google’s throwing their hat in the ePublishing scene, making it possible for those buying Google Editions eBooks to have more control over them than Amazon’s Kindle or B&N’s Nook currently allows. Google’s angle is that if you buy a digital edition from them, you can read it off any device you have. If you buy from Amazon or B&N, you can only read it on their devices, unless you get a program like Calibre to convert your documents.

As it is, Nook Color is going to give Kindle some trouble, and Google Editions will be another thorn for Amazon. Google has the ability to turn your search into a purchase by taking you to an article you’re looking for as well as a Google Editions book on the same subject that you might like to buy with one convenient click.

Google hasn’t taken on their own eReader device, but it’s probably not far off. Nook is Android-based. It’s only a matter of time before Google launches their own, or builds more capability into the Nook. And since Amazon and B&N have opened up as ePublishers, it’s probably not long before Google turns readers into authors too. And since they won’t restrict what kind of device people will be able to download their digital texts to, guess, who everyone’s going to go to when they need to publish or buy a book?

It’s kind of exciting. Like the Wild West. Everyone goes to the ranch owner who can deliver the best steer and the fastest horses. They watch the rodeo to see who puts on the best show. And the one with the fastest draw wins.



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  1. Heather Nay says:

    I had no clue you knew who Cowboy Troy was…you know he’s from the Lone Star state too….i’m just sayin.

  2. Tracey says:

    I came across Cowboy Troy doing a freelance article comparing hip hop to country. I didn’t realize he was popular enough for YOU to know about him!

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