How to read a book

Continuing the book post from yesterday…

I read an awesome blog post today by Melissa Stewart, a non-fiction writer who talks about how non-fiction for kids has improved over the years. I’ve been thinking myself about stepping up my non-fiction writing. A couple of years ago I thought about doing a book about Claudette Colvin, a young woman who was thrown off a bus, before Rosa Parks, and who may have in fact inspired Mrs. Parks to do the same. But as I was doing the research, I found out that her story had already been written by Phillip Hoose, and the book was coming out in a few months. It went on to  win the National Book Award and a Newbery Honor, so it’s probably a good thing I didn’t get around to writing it. Since then, I have come up with  another idea, but haven’t begun researching or looking for a publisher who might be interested. This might be the year.

I also came across a fabulous video with technical support for how to use a print book… a public service announcement for the eReading public? It’s beyond hysterical.