Dear character: stop sucking

For the last few days, writing has ground to a halt. All because I wrote some things into my plot that I have no way of reconciling with the action. And boy do I want to get back to the action. Since I added the guy with the gun, the plot took an unexpected turn. There was a chase, naturally, some near bullet-misses, of course, but then my main character escaped and the chase ended. But rather than becoming invigorated and charged up, she’s taken a more cautious path to avoid all those lovely bullets whizzing by her ears again. Who knew she was such a Fraidy Cat?

So what do I do now?

Waiting several days to see if a resolution came to me, has turned up a Big Fat Goose Egg.

Since I had to shovel ICE RAIN at 6am this morning, I’m feeling a little lazy to go back and cut two entire chapters and start again from the chase.

I do not think Magical Elves will come and fix the whole plot for me while I take a much-needed nap, mostly because they haven’t come before and I’ve taken LOADS of naps.

I guess all that’s left is to have a little sit down talk with my main character. So here goes.

Dear Nola.

Honestly, if I had known you were a lilly-livered, yellow-bellied excuse for a heroine, I would not have bothered to write you into a book. So what if someone shoots at you? Hello! You’re supernatural. The bullets won’t kill you. OK, they might maim you. And that might hurt a bit. Or a lot. But STILL! How are you going to figure out how to lift your grandmother’s curse without taking a few more risks? You’re SO CLOSE! You can’t chicken out now. Besides, everybody already hates you, so it’s not like you have anything to lose. Buck up, chickadee! Now get out there and make some bad decisions. Atta girl!

That’ll work, right?

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