Pamela Keyes takes on Caribbean superstition, Phantom of the Opera, Shakespeare and High School drama in her book THE JUMBEE. This is a retelling of Phantom, complete with masked lover, and a young actress trying to find her way… in this case, for a high-stakes High School production of Romeo and Juliet. Keyes holds the reins of this story tightly and controls the many threads: phantom/jumbee, Shakespeare, family issues, tropical hurricane, and love triangle within a drama-filled plot.

It took me until Act 2 to get interested in the book, mostly because I didn’t care for the main character, Esti. And while I never got on her side, in Keyes hands her story is interesting enough to have made me glad I read through to the end. But the main issue I had with the book is my own fault: I bought the eBook version and my Nook just doesn’t do the cover justice.