My big kid read Laban Carrick Hill’s DAVE THE POTTER and agreed to review it for me.

I was excited to see [this book] because I thought it was about freedom, though really it’s not. It’s about Dave making a pot. At the end of the story there was a quote that he wrote on his pot, “I wonder where is all my relation, friendship to all – and every nation.” I think that he wanted to tell everybody that he made the pots.

It has a lot of pictures. Some pictures look like they were just cut-out photos. The pictures are very detailed. The one I liked a lot was the one with the flap and it has 1, 2, 3, 4 pictures. It shows how dirty his hands got while he was molding the clay. The text boxes look like ripped paper.

I like the book because it was a true story. The story is long. Dave was a slave. And he wanted to be a potter and he made a pot.

The story’s words are very simple but in the back of the book the “More About Dave,” the words are a little harder, and that has a biography of Dave and it has more quotes that Dave wrote on his pots, and a picture of five works by Dave.

Dave was a potter and a poet.