I can’t believe it took me 2 weeks to finish this book. No reason. It’s an excellent read. And I would have posted yesterday except that it was my birthday and I was on the phone a lot, and since my son also shared his lovely germs with me, when I wasn’t on the phone, I was coughing, shivering, sucking back medicine and taking care of him. Today he’s better and I’m still down for the count, but it’s quieter, so… to the book!

At the beginning of MOON OVER MANIFEST, Abilene Tucker arrives via train to the town of Manifest looking to find out more about her father and why he sent her away. What she finds is a town that seems to have a lot of stories more than a few secrets and no information about her father. But by investigating old newspapers, and listening to the town diviner, Miss Sadie, she is able to piece together a tale involving two boys who helped change the town twenty years before. Was one of them her father? Clare Vanderpool is masterful about putting all the clues in plain sight, and saves pulling them all together for a sweet ending.


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