Book 11: IT’S A BOOK

Lane Smith‘s latest has been ruffling the feathers of teachers, librarians and moms since it’s release last year. Smith admits his book isn’t for everyone. His reader is “the cut-up” he says. And with a character named Jackass in the picture book, you kind of know what to expect. But the last line packs particular punch, so it’s probably not something you want to read to your kid just before sending him off to preschool. Not everyone is going to find Smith’s humor as funny as you do (if you do in fact, find it funny).

My husband and I stand on opposite sides of the fence on this one. He: it’s not appropriate. Me: it’s hysterical. Lucky me that both the kids are on my side. I even thought of letting them write this review, but I kind of needed to address the humor in a way that they would not have been able to. We borrowed IT’S A BOOK from the library, but we’re going to pick up a copy from our local indie kids bookstore. What’s more, the book trailer is equally cute, but without the eyebrow-raising final line.

Enjoy. (If you can.)