Nook vs. Nook

Last year for my birthday, my husband bought me a Nook. I didn’t want him to buy it because I thought it was just too expensive. But he did anyway. And I loved it. Even though I still read a good chunk of my literature in real-live paper form, I used the Nook a lot. So when the Nook Color came out, I told him not to buy one because I already had the regular Nook and I felt it was sufficient. He made it past Christmas, but then for my birthday earlier this month, he bought me the Nook Color, and promptly found someone to buy my old Nook to offset the cost. Of course I love this one better!

Yes, the glare in sunlight is kind of a pain, but I don’t read much out in bright sunlight anyway. I have read at the playground, and a shady tree was sufficient to cut the glare issues. I love the ability to browse the web on this thing, and the touch screen. It’s really great. Already I’m using it more than I used the regular Nook. And both devices have fed my reading habit because I will literally buy something in the middle of the night and start reading a minute later.

Mini office dino wants to hang out on the Nook, but he can't. He'd scratch it!

I’m not sure why there aren’t more 7″ tablets out there. I can’t imagine using one of the larger iPad-sized ones when this one is so small and easy to hold in one hand. My husband has an iPad and recently upgraded to the smaller iPad 2, but what he really wants is the XOOM, or the Microsoft surface table, which he checked out right after he bought the iPad 2 and it made him feel like the iPad was a mere toy. Of course we will never be able to afford that table in a million years, but it’s nice to dream. I still prefer the smaller platform. Maybe it’s the cuteness factor. Maybe it’s the fact that it fits in all of my purses. Plus, the kids love it. (They love the iPad too.)

I’ve got to say, I’m really glad my husband doesn’t listen to me sometimes. But don’t you dare tell him I said so.